TnB Guarantee left
We promise our Customers top quality talent & recruiting solutions.

To our Employees and Job Seekers, we guarantee a great working environment, work-life balance and best in the business benefits.

We guarantee it!

With our ‘Fixed requirements, fixed time, fixed price’ solutions, T & B guarantees for up to six months.

Permanent staffing: To assure quality IT personnel to our customer, T & B follows process that assures that the candidate is best suited for the position. It would be our customer’s decision to get the candidate on board. However, we guarantee our candidates skills, knowledge and capabilities. If the candidate does not live up to the expectations of our customer, T&B shall be informed of this within two weeks, wherein we will replace the candidate.

Temporary/Contract staffing: If a customer is not satisfied with our consultant’s work within the first 5 business days of an assignment – we will replace the consultant. The customer will pay only for that period of time the customer believes is warranted.